Everyone can make art, regardless of age.

In art, nothing is definitely “right” or “wrong”. It is always about how we perceive the things around us!

We provide drawing, painting , watercolor, mixed medium classes depending on the strength of each child

Sketching class focuses on building a strong technical foundation, enhancing creative development through the process of drawing. Lessons will be carried differently throughout different stages. Students will be taught various drawing techniques and given varieties of mediums allowing them to explore, expand and experience art in a new perspective.

Our painting classes in Ang Mo Kio helps cultivate within our students a stronger understanding in handling the various art mediums and processes. Students will master the fundamentals of various painting techniques using watercolour, acrylics, impastos and more. Your child will enjoy our painting classes as its not only knowledge-based, but also interactive. They will be uniquely equipped and have little difficulty communicating their imagination, experiences and ideas onto the canvas! 

What you can expect from our classes

Our lessons are programmed individually to cater to your child needs so that he/she will enjoy the lesson

With a class ratio of 4 students to 1 instructor, we offer small scale art lessons and reasonable priced lesson packages that will maximise your child's learning experience in our studio.

The duration for each lesson is from 1 to 3 hours depending on the structure of your child’s lesson plan

All fees quoted are inclusive of materials used during lessons.