At Cloverartz, we offer the widest range of sensory art classes for children with special needs in Singapore. Our specially designed creative art classes for children and adults can provide healing therapy for both children and adults. We believe that these individuals are visual thinkers and learners with an aptitude for art and that their disabilities and impaired skills are not an obstacle to their learning. Cloverartz places great emphasis on its values of working with and nurturing the positive attributes and progress of every individual, not on the concepts they have not mastered yet.

Our sensory art class for children with special needs in Singapore utilises sensory and visual-based learning, leveraging on simple structure and repetition to maximise their learning experience with us. An experienced in-house instructor will conduct one-on-one classes with your child on how to gradually form the most effective communication bridge with your child. In doing so, we hope to break down the barriers for your child.

Our lessons are programmed individually to cater to your child needs so that he/she will enjoy the lesson

With a class ratio of 1 students to 1 instructor

The duration for each lesson is base on what teacher Marianne feel is suitable for your child